Learn the strategy of increasing your site traffic by writing less content

One of the major pain point of blogging/marketing is not getting enough traffic to the site. It can be either blogging or content marketing for your product. But SEO is an important marketing strategy for a long term game. Here we are going to Learn the strategy of increasing your site traffic by writing less content

Ganesh Mani
Ganesh Mani
November 3, 2021
Learn the strategy of increasing your site traffic by writing less content

Before getting into the article, let me clarify something. I am not an SEO expert. I am a developer and a technical writer. I’ve been writing technical articles in for three years now. I used to write articles every week and share them across several developer communities.

In the beginning, I just thought that I could write articles every week consistently, and it could bring a good amount of traffic. Spoiler Alert. It didn’t.

But there are some good benefits for consistent writing. It gave me a lot of opportunities and branding on communities such as and Twitter, and many people reached out to me to write paid articles for their products and publications.

Dev Dashboard

Even though I was getting traction around my social profiles, my blog traffic was not taking off as I thought it would.

Like people say SEO is hard.

I didn’t want to spend much time on SEO. I like to write and share my knowledge. So I thought it would reach people easily. But, I was wrong, and I realized that SEO is something we can’t avoid if we want to have a successful blog or if we want to play a long-term game on anything such as building a product and creating a personal brand, etc.

Then, I started looking for resources and guides to learn about SEO for a lazy developer like me. A system that allows me to spend minimum time on SEO with maximum results.

Several months later

Nowadays, I am just writing one article per month, and I am getting twice as much traffic as I used to get when I was writing one article per week.

My Site Traffic

As you can see, my blog traffic went from 6k to 13k within a month. Of course, that was the time when I didn’t write any articles. But still, my site traffic increased like never before.

How?. I just found a nice little trick. Let me share it with you.

I’ve been using Google Analytics for monitoring the site traffic. So, I used the Google search console to find the set of keywords with the highest impression with fewer clicks. It’s called Click-through rate(CTR).

The average Click through rate is 3%- 30%. I would say if it’s less than 20%, then you need to find out why. Select all the keywords and blogs with less than 20% in click-through rate.

Top Secret

Search the keyword in google and analyze the blog, and research why they are on top. You will understand what kind of context that readers expect for this particular keyword.

It will be easy if you’re among the target audience. Here, I am a developer who works in React, Nodejs, and MongoDB. So I can easily understand why someone would click for that blog that focuses on keyword mongoose connect.

Once you do that, Go back to your article and see what’s missing. Mostly it could be the title or the content. Then, revamp it a little bit and publish it again.

Can’t believe it?. let me show you.

My Site Traffic

I followed this strategy for the first blog. As you can see, the published year is 2019. but, that brings the most of traffic now. It gave me the spike from 6k to 13k monthly views.

It can be a small amount of traffic, but we have 10-15 blogs like this. So it can bring huge traffic to your site.

If you want to learn more about SEO and its strategy as a developer or indie hacker, or bootstrapper, I highly recommend this SEO course.